Here we are! In the largest of all African lakes, Lake Victoria! It's also the second largest freshwater body of water in the world. It covers 67,483 square kilometers right now. It's large area is shared by three countries- Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. We went on a canoeing guide through the water some ways and I learned some interesting facts. I learned there is a bunch of prehistoric remains that are lying on the shores. I also learned that there are alot of coastal towns living off these waters. There is some detectance of chemical poisining, but it hasn't been qualified as serious yet. Nobody has yet to be effected. Fishing is popular in these waters, and it's what these towns live on. A very special part of this lake, Lates Niloticus. It is a fish, and it became discovered just a few years ago. Now there is an abundance of them and they are very tasty. These have subsituted the need to fish Tilapia, which are now endangered in these waters. It looks like it's time to get situated back at camp. We're going to rest here at night and then make our way to the smaller, but still importand, Lake Tanganyika.