We arrived in Egypt just a couple hours later. We came up from the Red Sea. Karl and I departed on our own to visit another history musuem. This one is going to be even more interesting because it's next to a pyramid! As we began watching the introduction movie, I could already tell this was going to be about Mummys, Pharos, and all that good stuff. Sure enough, I was correct! They had replica Pyramid carvings on the walls and translations under them so we could understand them. One story was about two men and their lives and how their work intertwined. There was a nobleman who was getting ready for a feast and a party that day, and the other was about a farmer working too hard for too little. Their lives collide when the farmer sends his daughters to go deliver chicken and bread to the nobleman house. His story ends but is found again when the noblemans story see's two beautiful young ladies coming to deliver his meal. Next we learned about the pyramids and how and where Pharohs and their Queens were buried. When we we're finished at the musuem we left to see "The Great Pyramid." We were deeply saddend when we learned how we could only view the pyramid from a long distance away. We weren't allowed to get close like we had hoped. It was still a magnificient sight that I would never forget. Karl and I were on our way back to get a taxi to meet the rest of the group. When we arrived they weren't there! The docking man told us they left for the day to go visit the country to the south, Sudan. We figured we better find somthing to do while we wait for their return. We chose to visit the Nile RIver, because it was convenient. I hope we don't come back too late. It wouldn't be fun to be stranded here!