Our last destination, the Atlas Moutains! This moutain range reaches across three countries- Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. We've talked with some of the climbers and I learned that the highest peak is Jbel Toubkal. It has an elevation of 4,167 metres. The moutains are divided into additional and seperate ranges. Anti-Atlas, Middle Atlas, and High atlas. Some of the Natives living in the moutains were ready to give us some information too. Most of the Native animals that were once in abundance here are now going endangered and some are already extinct. The natives would use mules to carry their stuff up the moutains. At the top they would make moutain huts. The huts at the top would protect them from enemies and predators. I learned that the season heavily influences the weather. For example, If it was the middle of winter, they would have a blizzard. However, If it was summer, there would be hot heat waves and little rain. I had my climb with these friendly inhabinants and then I moved down to the van. It was sad looking at the end, but it would have to come some time. We were carried to the airport in the bus and it was the middle of the night when we got there. We got through security and got on the plane. I felt sad I was ending my adventure, but I was also exited to return to my family and friends. The Great America awaits!